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The 7 Advantages of Buying Anabolic Steroids with Bitcoins

There are numerous payment methods available when you want to buy steroids. One method that is swiftly gaining popularity is using bitcoins for such purchases. Here are the top 7 advantages that will accrue if you buy steroids with bitcoins.

You get an unmatched level of privacy when you buy anabolic steroids with bitcoins. Privacy is something not many people wish to compromise when buying anything online, and that goes for anabolic steroids too. Numerous bitcoin wallets are offered through credit and debit cards, and that is what will guarantee your anonymity when you purchase using the card of your choice.

It is costly to purchase anabolic steroids through traditional online transfer services due to the costs that such providers charge. You will not incur such additional costs when you buy steroids with bitcoins.
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Buying steroids with bitcoins is fast because the transactions complete almost instantaneously, unlike in the case of money transfer services where you may be required to wait a couple of days for processing to take place. For that reason, the shipment of your anabolic steroids will take place immediately you place an order.
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Bitcoins are an international currency, meaning that you can buy from whatever eCommerce store you prefer. Again, almost all anabolic steroid vendors now understand the bitcoin payment method, meaning that you will not encounter difficulties during the purchase process. Part of it is due to the rate at which the popularity of bitcoins as a payment method has risen.

The absence of chargebacks when dealing with bitcoins means that it is impossible for fraudsters to retrieve them at any point. The use of credit and debit cards is different since numerous fraudulent transactions can easily take place as you make your payments. Your payments will, therefore, receive the protection warranted when you buy steroids with bitcoins.

Unlike in alternative payment options where your payments can easily be interrupted by third parties, transacting with bitcoins does not expose you to such risks. That means that your bitcoin account or wallet cannot be frozen by a third party. It is such an advantage that gives you the freedom to buy anabolic steroids from any source. This feature makes your steroids cheap also because the lack of third party interference makes it impossible to charge sales tax on your purchase.

To get this amazing currency, visit a bitcoin homepage. Next, you will purchase bitcoins using a debit or credit card before you send them to your wallet. When at the homepage of an anabolic steroid merchant, you will be required to transfer the currency from your wallet to that of the steroid seller. You can access the details of such a transfer process on the website of the merchant.